Comprehensive, Capable Execution

We handle all aspects of the process, from clinical supply and commercial scale manufacturing to warehousing and distribution.

Contract Manufacturing

  • Available in-house equipment or expertise for your particular job
  • Short runs for a new product market test, gift pack or seasonal appeal
  • We can Promote YOUR product with non-standard packaging or promotional inserts
  • Rework your product to make it saleable

Private Label Manufacturing

  • Better performing non-food categories are pain remedies, cough, and cold remedies and first aid.
  • Store brand items have become increasingly popular across many product categories.
  • Recessions often force consumers to test new purchasing habits
  • Store brands retain recession-driven gains

Bulk Manufacturing

  • Shertech Laboratories can safely manufacturer large quantities of medicines, drugs and other pharmaceutical products and supplements using stringent cGMP guidelines.
  • Shertech Laboratories, LLC works in strict compliance with laws governing safe manufacturing and legal distribution of pharmaceutical drugs.
  • Consider reducing YOUR operating costs with bulk manufacturing from Shertech Laboratories.

With over 10,000 square feet of manufacturing space, Shertech Laboratories can adequately house large volumes of raw materials and supplies. Shertech Laboratories can also properly inventory your products in our state of the art climate controlled warehouse. We offer cGMP and our state of the art manufacturing facility has the capacity to deliver on creams, powders, liquid or solid state products.

Our proximity to Interstate 85 in Duncan, SC allows us to have faster transit times, higher service levels, fewer congestions at the loading docks, reduced fuel emissions and more control over due dates and production schedules.


Shertech Pharmacy has two jacketed mixers control temperature batching between  75ºF and 175ºF. A vacuum system allows the manufacturing of viscous materials while eliminating air bubble incorporation.

  • The smaller mixer holds 70 liters which is ideal for pre-mixes and pilot batching.
  • The larger mixer holds 900 liters and can mix dry powders and liquids

All contact surfaces of mixers and holding tanks are stainless steel. The holding tanks  contain an internal air pressure mechanism which allows for capture of product so it  is packaged rather than wasted.

premed pack mixtures


The batching process begins with a precise and accurate measurement of each ingredient following governmental regulations consistent with current “Good Manufacturing Practices”. Internal procedures detail the weighing steps and provide audits for quality assurance. Two scales allow processing of material from a fraction of a KG up to 500KG. A hard copy record of all measurements is obtained by computer interfaced printouts.

Holding Tanks

All contact surfaces of mixers and holding tanks are stainless steel. The holding tanks contain an internal air pressure mechanism which allows for capture of product so it is packaged rather than wasted.


  • New packaging equipment dedicated for either tubes or bottles are available. Both are free standing to allow for adaptation of end product design. All contact parts are stainless steel and the hoppers are temperature controlled for use with viscous materials.


  • A semiautomatic carton machine allows for efficient mechanized effort, but with variable speed one to several items may be dropped into the package. The  finished carton is the “tuck” variety.

Timely Help

For Your Contrast Allergy Patients

The Contrast Allergy PreMed Pack
The Smart Way to Prepare Patients Who Are
Allergic to Iodine-based Contrast Materials

premed pack
  • Easy to prescribe
  • Easy to use
  • Straightforward and effective
  • Ensures patient is ready for their MRI/CT scan, reducing the need to reschedule
  • Can be stocked in hospital pharmacy for easy order & prescription filling